Thursday, March 31, 2011

No Posts

I'm getting slack, I didn't post once in 2010... I blame mums family blog for entertaining me whenever I feel like writing a blog.

Today I had my uni graduation. It was so much all at once. It signified the official end to my bachelors degree. I completed a 3 year degree, made it into honours and am doing really well. If you had asked me a year ago, I would never have thought this is where I'd be.

Now I'm moving forward, working on honours and the exhibition at the end of the year. So much to look forward to all over again. Either way, I didn't feel like I wanted to leave my degree just yet. You never know, next year I may be studying teaching, taking my love for art to schools and boring kids with it.

I can do anything.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


On a recent adventure, my man and I went and fed the ducks! I'm not kidding, and he suggested it too! I love feeding the ducks, finally I've found someone... or should I say something, more gullible then I am.

You know how you break bread off to throw to the ducks? If you do the exact same thing with a leaf, they still go for it. Needless to say I spent most of the time feeding the leaves to the ducks, but they still loved it, honest.

I really wanted to show you a picture of me hand feeding one of the ducks - so you'll all know how hardxcore I am. (The 'x' between hard and core makes it that much more impressive) Let's just say I came back with A LOT of fuzzy pictures.

The ducks were either too wussy to take it from my hand, or they ran up so fast I never had a chance of getting a picture. I didn't do too bad in the end, even if i did only come away with one picture that was distinguishable as a duck.

There was one duck that was happy to take it from my hand, but he got picked on by the other ducks. Conclusion? Ducks are mean.

We had fun though. We visited some friends after and got eaten alive by mosquitos. I got more then 30 bites! And they're itchy. My boy keeps telling me not to scratch, but he can't stop me! *Scratches lots because he's not looking*

Uni's over, which is really good. It gets way too stressful near the end of the year. Stress sucks, doesn't it? It makes you feel like crap, look like crap and do crap at everything. My hair always goes limp when I'm really stressed, but it was looking pretty good when I looked at it in the mirror today! So yes, I'm slowly recovering from that. I'm not doing anything I don't want to, I'm making good use of my break - which is why we fed the ducks.

Oh, I've also started playing basketball with Molly, Sophie and Lily. There are other people there too, but they're not especially important.

And now back to my Solitaire game...


Thursday, April 30, 2009


Believe it or not, I used to be an amazing blogger. My blogs rarely made sense, but everyone loved them... on pain of death! I'm kidding, I'm not going to threaten you to read my blog, but I know you all feel obligated, so please do continue to feel obligated!

This year at uni, I'm doing all the silly compulsory theory (icky) and then I'm doing awesome digital installation, sculpture and bronze casting TAFE. It's all going pretty dandy at the moment. In bronze casting we're starting to make our own talismans. And of course, the first place you start with anything is googling it on the internet. I've been linked to so many blogs that peopel use to promote their work. It's crazy! I want a blog to promote my work. And then I realised I have one!

I gotta turn my blog a little less emo, because I'm totally not emo. But then I have to decide what to make it actually look like. Any ideas? I was really tempred just to turn it pink, but even just the thought of that hurts my head, plus I'd have to change it again when I came back to my senses. I'm not quite that not emo.

So if you read this blog, I order you to comment and tell me what to make it look like now. Because I don't know. And watch this space for the most amazing blog you've ever seen! Unless of course I get completely unmotivated before I do it...


Tuesday, February 3, 2009





Do you ever find yourself sitting on your bed late at night unable to sleep? As if that wasn't bad enough, do you then realise you're rocking back and forth - involuntarily? A quote from Bart Simpson fits perfectly here!

"Can't sleep... Clown'll eat me..."

It's perfect because as we all know - The Simpsons is a documentary. My mum tries to tell me it's not, but I know better! It's just like the fact - and I mean fact here - that Xena can't fly, but Lucy Lawless can. Some people I know relate rocking back and forth to being on Speed, but I know I'm not on Speed, so that can't be it.

Are you reading this?

In all honesty, I have no point here. I haven't posted a blog in ages, so it seemed like a good idea at the time. But I'm really just prattling on and typing heaps so it can't auto save this blog. Did you know this Blogger has this silly auto save thing? While you're typing the button says "save now" but if you stop typing for a matter of seconds, it auto saves it! It kind of defeats the whole purpose of having a "save now" button, doesn't it?

How would you feel if you were a "save now" button and then suddenly your whole purpose in life was taken away from you. Stripped away like a... Corn husk! That's right, I'm tired and I'm using the word husk. It sounds kind of wrong, but it's funny.

I was going to put an update of me and my tonsils on here. You know, pictures, details, how I'm feeling. All that kind of stuff. But then I realised. I don't want to think about it! My tonsils pretty much rule my life at the moment. They're pesky and I hate them. I've been stuck with the huge worthless things for the past four months and I've lost 18 kgs. They're so large I can't eat properly, sleep properly, or speak properly.

I get mocked and made fun of because I mumble. I frustrated a telemarketer today to the point where she hung up on me because she couldn't understand me. Repeating what Rose says, in the way she says it, has become a new sport - and my family are all champions!

I get told of for telling someone they're fat - even when it's in jest. But other people are allowed to give me a hard time for being "anorexic". Hmm, maybe that's not a bad thing. If the lady at the Caf was worried I was too skinny last year, think of how much free food I'll get this year!

I'm tired and exhausted. Plus I have lots of bruises on my pale white legs. Maybe if I bashed my legs 'round a bit, I'd even look tanned!

The middle of the night is seriously the trippiest time ever. I can't tell the difference between when I'm awake or when I'm asleep. I'll always wake up and think I'm supposed to be playing on RuneScape or reading my book or something, but then I'll realise I'm not.

Wow, this whole time it hasn't auto saved my blog! I'll beat that auto save feature yet. I'm in full support of the "save now" button. Yes siree! Although, you can tell I'm just constantly typing things out. My focus shifts heaps fast too. Two seconds ago I was completely down about the whole tonsil thing, now I'm thinking of how pretty ovalteenies are, and now I'm thinking about my H.A.M. robes and wondering if I should sell them. I remember when getting 5gp for a glass of beer made me feel like I was making good money. Now my trade limit has gone up to 24,650k or something. I have over 100 quest points, it's so cool. And I'm the coolest person ever.

Okay, okay, I'm done now. If you read this much, I'll give you a prize, but of course, with all prizes, there'll be a surprise quiz before I'll give it to you, okay?

Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Look!

My blog has a new look! Okay, so it's not new. I used to have it, but I got really sick of the gray. Here I was thinking, "Hey, I like gray! It'll make my profile look great!" And how wrong was I! I like my black. It's visually pleasing to me, I don't really care that you find it hard to read - not this week at least.

I went to my Molly's awards thing at school today. She won a thousand awards and looked pretty while she was doing it. I didn't get any photos of it or anything, and my mum (lifeatrosemaryhill) says every good blog post has a picture, so I've stolen one of hers! (yet again)

This is my Jess and my neffew Jonas. This photo has completely captured Jonas perfectly! That's what he's really like! He's one cute kid, but heavy too. No wonder my Jess is buff!

In other news, I bought the new J.K. Rowling book. The Tales of Beedle the Bard. It's a really good book. Plus it's short, so I've read it about a hundred times already. This is what it looks like.

Pretty cool hey? You can look at that and be pleased with your $9.99 purchase. Considering it has 108 pages and only just went on sale, it's really good. Then you google it to find an image to put on your blog and you see the way cooler version of the cover. And you once again feel jiped and let down that your life sucks.

But seriously, it's a great book - you should read it.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Catch up!

Catch up time! I have a nephew! Or as we like to say it at my house, neff-oo! They put him in a plastic cage. Mum called it an isolette, but that's just a fancy word for plastic cage. Yeah, I stole the picture from mums blog.

And then I took this picture when I went to the hospital to visit Jonas (my neff-oo) and Jess. Oh yeah, did I mention his name is Jonas?

I have such great picture taking skills... *cough*


Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Sewing is something I'm good at. You could even say I might have a talent for it. Of course it's a talent that takes a lot of time, effort and practice, but I am good at it. I can follow a pattern and even make my own patterns. I think it's cool.

The beehives at church asked me to teach them how to make their own skirt pattern and skirt, so I did! This is the skirt Candice made.

I was quite proud of her! In two one hour blocks, she made the pattern, cut out the fabric, learnt how to use a sewing machine and sewed the whole skirt! Well, except for the hem at the bottom, but I'm confident she can do that herself. She did a really good job on the skirt, so either I'm really good at teaching, or she's a fast learner... As much as I'd like it to be the first, I'm pretty sure she's a really fast learner.

Ad of course, Emily couldn't resist getting in for the picture either!